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Account Queries

Besides offering event management software, MyActive serves as a booking agent which handles the money transfers from event participants to event organisers, so don’t be surprised if you see in your bank statement! So if you have a query please contact us and we will assist with confirming the payment and the event it is related to.

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Are you hosting an event that requires online payment and additional items purchasing or selection? Be it a sports, lifestyle or business related event. Would you like a payment, communications and marketing solution to meet this goal? Click on the button below to choose an appropriate package and set up your own e-commerce enabled event.


For our self-service “Quick Events” solution, our fee is 5.5% of all transactions. This includes credit card charges, EFT reconciliations, adminstration services, software usage and hosting fees. There are no other hidden costs or setup fees. In fact, for events that draw entry fees exceeding R3m, our pricing is negotiable! We look forward to hearing from you!


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